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懷大寶開車來去北加州 Road Trip to San Jose,CA


Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.

Emma Chase



第一天的假期到啦!我弟弟和先生陸陸續續的把行李放在後車廂(當然還有我們家的🐶啦),而我在家檢查了一番後,13 個小時的路程,除了休息上廁所&吃東西以外,我們就打算一路往北到南開到目的地。一共4個人輪著開,開車對我而言是種享受與放鬆,因而早忘記我還是一位孕媽咪。在車上能做什麼,就是除了開車的那一位,其他的人就是又吃又睡的補體力。一路上還真沒有什麼風景可以看,怎麼看都大同小異(至少對我而言沒什麼東西)。慶幸的是開車的人沒有因為盯著同樣的風景看到睡著;至於吃什麼,提前一天準備了一些零食與飲料,途中能越簡單吃就簡單吃 (麥當勞,Subway, Terriyaki...)

到了目的地,已經晚上快9點多了。到公婆家,他們早已經幫我們的房間與盥洗用具都準備好,簡簡單單的解決晚餐,換洗後睡覺💤。(我們家的Patton🐶 也 “虛ㄏㄧ累累~”。

在這個假期裡,我們在San Jose, CA到處去吃,到處去逛。對我來說,都是最特別的旅程,因為打從踏進美國,還真沒去過加州。隔幾日,我們開到舊金山玩了一圈。去中國城吃川菜,說到吃,我這孕婦還真沒怎麼忌口,喝咖啡我照樣喝只是成份都低了很多,裡面的牛奶🥛加了很多😅。那時候超愛吃辣的,簡直桌上有哪道是辣的,我就吃哪道。老一輩人常說, “酸兒辣女”,但我更相信是我身體孕激素變化 👧🏻。誰說在美國都只吃漢堡🍔薯條🍟,我偏偏在美國最愛亞洲菜。而懷大寶,我完全不吃肉,不吃魚,因為本身也不怎麼愛吃肉和魚,懷孕後就更不想吃。

這一趟我們去了Apple的總公司參觀所,大寶的爺爺也買了一套Apple 裝送給還未出生的她。在Santana Row看車展(我弟的最愛,講到車,真的是“落落長”(台語),然後吃Fogo de Chão,親自體驗什麼叫做頂級巴西肉肉吃到飽,四處看都是肉。超合我們家三位先生。我嗎...還真沒好好吃,想想如果是懷弟弟,我應該那時候就是大吃特吃啦。還有最愛的一家越南菜,雖然是點菜方式,但真的是海鮮吃到飽的狀態,不太喜歡吃龍蝦的我也超愛他們家的龍蝦盤🤤。

懷孕的好處是什麼,那就是吃再多別人也不會說你胖😂。(但生完小孩就後悔了...)。 正當同時在享受當孕媽咪的時候,自身皮膚慢慢也出現變化,脖子,手腳彎曲的地方出現一點一點紅紅的。當時只是以為皮膚過敏就沒有很在意。想說隔天也要往返西雅圖,再去看醫生就好。誰知...😭


After roller-costar ride and made sure baby Mia stayed healthy and happy during my first pregnancy. My husband and I decided to drive down to California with my twin brothers during their Xmas holiday.

During my holiday planning, I have always thought about how lucky I was to be around my husband and my twin brothers. We had some back-and-forth arguments, some drama between my brothers and I, yet we still love each as always. Occasional arguments are normal, it’s all because they care, and we all have individual with various ideas and views. If someone didn’t care about you, they wouldn’t bother telling you what to do with your life.

Finally we started our first day of vacation! My husband and my twin brothers started loading luggage in the truck; meanwhile, I checked around the house. During the 13 hours car ride, we took turns to drive all the way down to the destination. Thank goodness no one fell asleep while the person drove since the view outside looked the same, at least that’s what I thought 😅. On the other hand, whoever was not driving slept or ate…

It was already very late by the time we got to our parents-in-law’s house. They saved dinner for us and had prepared nice and cozy rooms for us to catch some z’s.

During this trip, we always took a walk around Santana Row after dinner. We also drove to San Francisco and visited couple places. Afterwards, we had to visit China town for the sake of my craving of Szechuan food. During first trimester, I had always been craving spicy food. Still had coffee but had reduced the espresso shot to 1, and decaf + lots of whole milk.

Although I ate the same as before, I still avoided eating meats & fishes.

We had also visited Apple Park Center and my father-in-law bought a very cute Apple logo onesie for the baby. The place was great to stop by if you are an apple fan or just love design. I remembered using iPad together to get an overview of the new Apple Headquarter landscape. We had one dinner meal at Fogo de Chão. My first time in this phenomenal Brazilian style restaurant and had lots of fun. If you are a meat lover, please try out this place. One last dinner meal before we headed back to Seattle, we had tried a Vietnams restaurant, one unforgettable dish was a lobster dish. I have to say I don’t like lobster, but I would not mind eating that dish again.

I concluded the only time people won’t tell you to lose weight is during pregnancy. Plus, people will tell you please eat as much as you want (I mean healthy food) 😂 I followed the advise, but regret after giving birth. While I enjoyed my pregnancy, my skin started showing some rashes and I thought it was just allergies, and I didn’t care that much. My negligence hurt my skin afterwards.

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